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Ela Meteora Trikala

The place we are called to promote begins about 30 million years ago with Meteora reminding us of it.


Traditional and Modern Mills – The power of the seed!

Water didn’t only shape the land of Trikala; it shaped its people, too. Its power became a production power and it managed to establish not only the production of strong grain but also their processing. From ancient times to this day, from the traditional grinding and the production of flour, to the state-of-the-art techniques used today, the Mills are the beginning to setting the tastiest table.
Starting from the beginning of the route, it is worth visiting mountainous and semi-mountainous villages, to see, close-up, this dynamic privilege that nature has given us, through its surging waters rushing on the slopes of the mountains.
Just like the Watermill of Paliokarya, which, just next to the river, incessantly produces, in the traditional way, flour and corn. There, generations after generations maintain the Mill, making raw material for pies, bread, trahanas and more.
And this is not the only one. Each rushing water path, ended to a small cottage industry, where, fortunately, you can still buy the treasure of our land.
Today, there are also Windmills that their impeller turns and produces culture. Just like Matsopoulou Mill at the town of Trikala, which currently operates as a Museum, Center for Cultural and Social Activities, Municipal Cinema and more. Each year, over a million people celebrate Christmas at the same space, at the magical Mill of Elves!
For the ones who want to see a special similar case, it is the traditional Mill of the village Krania Aspropotamou. The watermill of Krania was rebuilt and transformed to a wonderland cultural center, that hosts exhibitions and operates as reading room, lending library, lounge with activities for young and old alike, in the summer!
And, of course, the Water Power Museum at Pyli, where Windmill cafe operates. An outdoor collection of the entire equipment of a windmill, that shows the power and the economy of running water; all these, while enjoying your coffee or local sweets in the shade of plane trees and next to Portaikos river.

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