ElaMeteoraTrikala is an open invitation to any traveler, in order to see, as well as to explore, and eventually get the vibe of the Municipality of Trikala. This is where the special “aura” of each place is highlighted, and where visitors start a journey filled with experiences.
ElaMeteoraTrikala About
Ενιαίος Φορέας Τουρισμού Τρικάλων

This initiative, which was taken by the Tourist Office of the Regional Unit of Trikala, is a partnership of all local bodies, the Chamber of Trikala, the Region of Thessaly and all four municipalities in the Prefecture, the Municipality of Trikala, the Municipality of Meteora, the Municipality of Pyli and the Municipality of Farkadona.

Tracing the Municipality of Trikala, we do not only focus on the incomparably beautiful images that are offered. Image may be engaging as a first impression; however, it is certainly not enough to describe all four municipalities, the numerous points of interest, the cultural connotations or the human beings that have contributed to a great extent to the way Trikala was, is and will always be. Ela Meteora Trikala is a journey in time and place.

Ela…. and live! Starting from Meteora, all roads lead to Trikala, Pyli and Farkadona. These places introduce you to a timeless and unique route in culture, natural sequence, monuments, gastronomy, and of course, modern identity! And all these happen, being surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of the Municipality of Trikala.

A place that will always hide a story behind! Discover it!


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