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Ela Meteora Trikala

The place we are called to promote begins about 30 million years ago with Meteora reminding us of it.


Agios Georgios Park- A breath of fresh air to the city

The Park of Agios Georgios in Trikala is a place, where you can enjoy the natural environment of the region, take some break from the exploration of the city. You can get there on foot or by bike from the center of the city. In this Park, people can do some exercise on their free time, as its outdoor gym is accessible for free. Others can have a picnic, run or play tennis, volley and basketball, while children enjoy playing in the playground. Looking around the park, you will spot lots of small details that have become part of this natural scenery, giving the impression that they have always been there. The old chapel of Agios Georgios is a picturesque architectural construction, small but with a particular architectural, as well as… sentimental value since it is available for couples to get married or perform the christening of their children there, making unforgettable memories! During summer, various festivals and cool celebration take place and are supported both by locals and visitors.

With tall shady trees and a thick layer of grass, as well as organized sports and fun routes, the Park of Agios Georgios really seems like a huge backyard in the city of Trikala!

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