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The place we are called to promote begins about 30 million years ago with Meteora reminding us of it.

Stratos Patsakis

Monastery of Agios Stefanos

The Monastery of Agios Stephanos is the only temple that can be easily seen by visitors who explore the city of Kalampaka. Just lift your eyes and see it standing at the edge of a steep cliff. During the night, due to the surrounding lights, it looks like a beacon of faith or a candle that is permanently lit, as a symbol of prayer to the sky.

Moreover, it is the most accessible monastery in Meteora, since visitors can enter the courtyard of the monastery simply by crossing a small bridge and take a closer look at these places, which have welcomed believers and visitors from all over the world. Reaching the balcony of the monastery, we are found at ground zero, seeing Kalampaka, the valley up to the point it touches the foot of Koziakas, the opposite mountaintops, as well as the major River Lithaios crossing the landscape with its circular routes right beneath us.
It is a female monastery of nuns, who are always next to thousands of believers, embracing their spirituality with love and affection and willing to alleviate any human pain and anxiety.
Nowadays, the old refectory has become a museum, where the most significant relics of the monastery are exhibited, such as portable post-Byzantine icons, gold-embroidered vestments, and other textiles, wood-carved and iron-bound crosses, ornate silverware (sacred cups, censers, etc.).
It should be noted that one of these portable icons is “the Deposition from the Cross”, a work that belongs to a great Cretan painter, Emmanouil Tzantes (17th century).

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