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The place we are called to promote begins about 30 million years ago with Meteora reminding us of it.


Monastery of the Holy Trinity

It seems that the Monastery of the Holy Trinity was built thanks to prayers and belief in miracles. Far removed from road access, this monastery offers the ultimate experience of moving deeper towards a state of mental serenity and spiritual reconciliation. The route over there is distant but, in fact, this is exactly why passengers feel so rewarded in the end. Finally, a distinctive feature in all the monasteries of Meteora was the floating net, which was dropped from the top of the building in order for monks to be hauled up safely.

After following a pathway that leads to the foot of the rocks and a heroic ascent to the main entrance, you get a message from this humble place which is the ascetism of body and soul. On the opposite side, as soon as we reach this sacred foundation, we witness the greatness of this place, which is protected by Pindos and decorated with the waters of River Pineios.

Despite being an organized monastery, this church always brings out a sense of self-sufficiency, which is usually seen in human spirit, and which has managed to restore its position in the world.

Summer Hours: 9:00–17:00, closed every Thursday

Winter Hours: 10:00–16:00, closed every Thursday

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