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The place we are called to promote begins about 30 million years ago with Meteora reminding us of it.

σπυρος καλογερας

Museum in Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron- Part of religious culture

Visiting the Holy Monastery of the Great Meteoron takes time, in order all sacred paths, which touch upon spirituality, as well as the cultural references to Christianity and to our religious identity, to be revealed.

Visitors can visit and admire the following sites:

  1. Sacristy “Lazaros Deritziotis”. It is housed in the old restored Nursing Home of the Monastery. This is where portable icons, gold-embroidered vestments and epitaphs, pulpits and other ecclesiastic relics are preserved. Moreover, on the same place a small book of prayers for Agioi Anargyroi, which was painted by Vlasis Tsotsonis.
  2. Room of Manuscripts and Neomartyrs “Dimitrios Sofianos”. It is housed on the upper floor of the old restored Hospital. This is where several great old manuscripts, documents and special editions, artistic wood-carved crosses and hagiographical compositions of Neomartyrs, which are also painted by Vlasis Tsotsonis, are also preserved.
  3. Theological and Historical Gallery “Georgios Tsioulakis”. It is housed in the old restored Altar (dinning room) of the Monastery. This is where painting (oil paintings) of theological and historical content, painted by the painter of Kalampaka Konstantinos Adamos, as well as two hagiographic representations until the theme of Agios Mandilios and Holy Mary created by Vlasis Tsotsonis are all preserved.
  4. Historical-Folk Museum “Konstantinos Mantzanas”. It is housed under the old Altar. It contains a number of authentic historical relics from the Greek Revolution in 1821, Macedonia Wars in 1904-1908, Balkan Wars in 1912-13, the Epic Poetry Era in 1940-1941,as well as traditional costumes and various relevant exhibitions.
  5. Colorful Historical Lithography Room “Nikiforos Kominis”. It is housed in the corridor, outside the Historical and Folk Museum. It includes some great authentic historical colorful lithographies from the Balkan Wars in 1912-1913 and from the Epic Poetry Era in 1940-41.
  6. Old Hearth (Kitchen, Bakery). It is located in the north side of the old Altar and has a small wood-fired oven, trivets, a central arula, wooden and copper-like utensils, key board, wooden churns, pots and other old utensils for food service.
  7. Cellar – Old Carpentry. It is on the ground floor, north to the main entrance of the Monastery. It contains old barrels, buckets, winepresses, leather sacs, containers, reed hampers, plows, workbenches, planes, planers, drills, adzes, handsaws, wooden lamps etc.
  8. Ossuary. It is located in the north side of the main ladder in the first floor of the Monastery and contains the relics of the deceased fathers and brothers of the monastery.
  9. Vrizoni (Net) – Lift. It is located in the north part of the upper central entrance of the Monastery and was used for the manual upload of building and other materials, as well as an elevator for the fathers of the Monastery, before the construction of a lifting ladder (1922).
  10. On the external part of the southern wall of the altar of the Monastery, a creation made by Vlasios Tsotsonis (2008) narrated in big dimension representation of “The King of Glory”, in which Jesus is depicted on the upper part in the middle of Prophets and Law in the Old Testament, while at the lower part, ancient Greek Sages are presented (poets, historians and philosophers) are presented.

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