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Ela Meteora Trikala

The place we are called to promote begins about 30 million years ago with Meteora reminding us of it.



Is time like aged wine, keeping all its aromas for the right moment or is it vice versa, with the timeless maturity of wine bonding its bunches of flavor?

Since antiquity and from one generation to the next, vine cultivation has been a legacy to the people of Trikala, who are now able to suggest unique varieties of flavors and aromas. With their own flavor, color, sense and aesthetics. With an identity that encloses natural beauty, history, as well as human touch. Simply tasting something like this is not enough, since you also have to know about its origins! This opportunity is offered by many local Wineries, which are waiting for you with their doors wide open and are willing to show you around their facilities, so that you see exactly where God Dionysus lives nowadays.
Areas planted with vines, which embrace Meteora and are refreshed by their timeless secrets produce unique wines that bear the Protected Geographical indication of Meteora. Varieties that reach eternity, that brim with brightness and authentic taste are now offered to us. Feel free to enjoy this wine route, visit the wineries that are open to public and get an aftertaste of the local products of Trikala!
In cellars found in the Municipality of Trikala, wines, which are infused with love and care, fermented by tradition and the profound regional culture, are being produced. These wines can turn every day and every single moment into a new experience of taste. Local wineries are here to help you choose the right wine for each occasion and mood.
Thanks to the diversity of soil, as well as the care shown by the young generation of wine-producers, the history of past generations, is conveyed through every single bottle. It is the union of natural elements with the natural environment that shapes vineyards, which carve their signature into the very same environment and finally become a signature taste for you.
From the moment of harvest, during calm winter, ecstatic spring, passionate summer, the wine’s priceless full-body is a long narration through time, merely in a single glass. For people of Trikala, wine is the integration of nature in our life. It determines us in a magical way and this circle of Magic is completed in your palate.

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