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Ela Meteora Trikala

The place we are called to promote begins about 30 million years ago with Meteora reminding us of it.


Kursum Mosque – A jewel of civilization

A human story lies at the root, upon which one of the best-preserved mosques in Greece was founded. Kursum Mosque – which means Leaden Mosque due to its leaden dome – is a contribution of Osman Shah to the city. Tradition holds that Osman Shah was cured of a serious illness, while being in Trikala. In return, he decided to build Kursum Mosque, and he also invested in various charities. In fact, it is said that the designs for the construction of this mosque belonged to one of the greatest architects of the Ottoman Empire, Sinan.

Today, this place serves as a memorial to the history and architectural richness of the city of Trikala. It hosts various local findings and, at the same time, serves as a venue for hosting cultural events. Its exterior part, striking and imposing, forms the background to an amusement park and a beloved open space, right next to the calm waters of River Lithaios.

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